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How To Handle An AC Failure

Broken ACs can have devastating consequences. This is what you should do if your AC goes out.

How To Deal With An Air Conditioner Going Out

This is in line with “don’t panic” but remember to be calm when you call us. It’s hot and sweaty outside, and you want your AC to run again. But, yelling at us over the phone will not help you. Don’t lose your cool when you call us, or any AC professional. To schedule an appointment, we need you calmly to explain the problem and plan for it.

Let The Pros Handle AC Your Repair

People often believe that an air conditioner is low on refrigerant when it breaks. Many people believe that replacing refrigerant can be an easy task. You might think that replacing refrigerant is easy since you have done it before with your car. Air conditioning systems are very different from cars. You should not attempt to change the refrigerant in an AC system by yourself.

How To Determine If Your Air Conditioner Stops Working in The Middle of Summer.

  • Your Thermostat – Don’t panic and think you need AC repair service right away. In some cases, the batteries may be dead in the thermostat, or the entire unit could be malfunctioning. In this case, reset your thermostat and check if the air turns back on. If not, go to your physical AC unit and turn it on manually. If it starts, then you know the problem is your thermostat. You may have water or electrical damage if you can’t find any issues with your thermostat or circuit breaker. You may find rusted or leaky tubes, smoke, or other debris around the unit. In this case, you will need to contact a professional for repairs.
  • The Circuit Breaker Should Be Checked And The Power Switch – The surge in electricity usage caused by air conditioner units can trip up the circuit breakers and cause the power to be shut off. To check if the switch is flipped, you can simply flip it again. Flip it over again to check if the air conditioner turns on.
  • Verify That There Is No Water Or Electrical Damage – You may have water or electrical damage if you can’t find any issues with the circuit breaker or thermostat. You may find rusty or leaking tubes or smoke around the unit. In this case, you will need to contact a professional ac repair in Commerce City CO.

DIY Solutions to Keep Your AC Cool If It Is Broken

1. Lower the Shades

Natural lighting is a beautiful feature that most people love. The greenhouse effect created by the sun’s rays through your windows can cause damage to your home. Your home’s temperature will continue to rise as the day progresses, with no signs of cooling off. You can combat this by closing the curtains and lowering the shades to keep the sun out of your home. Cooler atmosphere will make up for what you don’t have in natural light. Also, it is a good idea to make sure your windows are closed when you do this.

2. The Windows at Night are Opened

Although it may seem counterintuitive to open a window during a hot Colorado night, a fan can actually improve air circulation. Keep the windows shut until the hot air inside the house has dissipated. If you do decide to open your windows at night, close them by the morning so that the heat from the daytime can’t get in.

3. Create a Makeshift Air Conditioner

With a fan and some ice, you can make your own air conditioner. Fill a few bowls with ice. Next, place the bowl with ice in front a table fan. The fan’s warm air will melt the ice, which will act as a refrigerant and cool the air passing through. You can now just rest your head on the fan and take in cool, fresh air. Continue this process until you are satisfied with the air conditioner.

4. Turn the ceiling fans counterclockwise

Ceiling fans are designed to move counterclockwise so that the air is drawn down towards those sitting beneath them. This is great for cooling down your air conditioner unit, but it doesn’t do much to keep you cool if it is only drawing down hot air. Cooler air naturally sinks. The fan that rotates counterclockwise will draw the cool air from its bottom and distribute it throughout the room. You can change the fan’s rotation by looking at the mounting bracket. To change the rotation, there should be a switch you can flip.

5. Avoid Stoves and Ovens

All electronics and appliances generate heat. Avoid heat-generating appliances if your air conditioner breaks down. It may take some time. An outdoor grill is a better option than a stove or oven. You should also avoid using the dishwasher and washer dryer. When not in use, turn off all lights. Turn off all electronics, such as TVs and computers. This is how you can keep cool: If your AC stops working, reduce or stop using heat-generating devices.

6. Head to the Basement

If you live in a multi-story house, heat rises so don’t try to sleep upstairs. Instead, crash on the couch. You can also have your entire family to sleep over in the living room, living area or the basement. You could also make a cross-breeze from your ceiling fan and portable fans in the living room to keep you going until your Denver AC Pros technician arrives.

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